Monday, November 19, 2012

Easy crochet case pattern for any cell phone!


Slowly temperature is falling in entire north India. It is time to take out our woolens  For crochet lover like me, November is the time to pick up the hook and shape the yarn in something interesting!

I wanted to make woolen sleeve cover for my relatives and friends as a gift so, I tried searching internet for pattern. Some of them were too specific with crochet hook size to be used, yarn/wool specifications like crochet tension, 2ply, 4ply etc. Such details turned out totally confusing for me.

 I have had few beautiful left over woolen balls from previous projects. So, I made these free styled cell phone case. It took two days leisure time to complete these small projects!

Here are some tips for you to make simple cell phone cozies!

Make a chain as long as the width of your cell phone. You should be able to slide your cell phone once you join the chain and make a loop as shown in the figure below.
Crochet pattern for Cell phone

For the next round make Single Crochet in each chain. Once you complete your round do not join but, continue making single crochet in each stitch. Continue crocheting till you reach the length of your cell phone.
Crochet pattern for cell phone case

Turn the work inside out. Now, here is my own trick to make the bottom of the case.

Leave the outside loops and grab only inside loops on to the hook from top most ring of your crochet work.Join inside loops of each parallel stitches with a slip stitch!

Crochet pattern for cell phone case

Crochet diagram for making the bottom of cozy

Turn your work and your own cell phone cozy is ready!

I did some embroidery using yellow and green wool.

Crochet Cell phone Case

I also enjoyed making stripes on another cell phone cozy!Thanks to a wonderful tutorial found here for seam color change in making these beautiful stripes. 

I tried one more Bottle green colored cell phone cozy and made some leaves for camouflage style!  

        Crochet Cell phone Case with stripes

 Finally, I can say that I enjoyed making these tiny projects especially bottoms of these cozies!

Crochet pattern for Cell phone cozy

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Real voting Machine for Presidential Election 2012

Over the last decade Internet is playing a major role in our decision making process. We tune to Google maps to find most suitable route to our destination! We tune to internet for finding nearest restaurant for authentic food! Do you think voters for the Presidential election 2012 were using power of Internet?

Here are some facts that shows how voters were not far behind from using power of internet before deciding to whom to cast their vote.
Let us look back few months from now and see what information voters were looking for on Internet about their future President? 

If you look at Google trends over the past 12 months and compare how many people were looking for information about ‘Obama’ and ‘Romney’ you can find surprising facts! Throughout the period more and more people were interested in searching for ‘Obama’.

Similarly, Yahoo’s trend analysis data says people were more interested in searching information about ‘Obama’ over ‘Romney’!

Check out this Interesting Infographic from StateTech magazine about social media engagement. Mayoral and gubernatorial race winners for year 2010, 2011 and 2012 had close connection with their leader’s social engagement. The winners had more twitter followers and facebook fans than their opponents!

When President Barak Obama claimed his victory by posting a tweet ‘This happened because of you. Thank you,’ ,it became most popular tweet on the twitter. Moreover, a Facebook photograph posted after his Presidential victory became the most liked photograph on Facebook.

Now, can we say that Internet has became our new voting machine?