Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Real voting Machine for Presidential Election 2012

Over the last decade Internet is playing a major role in our decision making process. We tune to Google maps to find most suitable route to our destination! We tune to internet for finding nearest restaurant for authentic food! Do you think voters for the Presidential election 2012 were using power of Internet?

Here are some facts that shows how voters were not far behind from using power of internet before deciding to whom to cast their vote.
Let us look back few months from now and see what information voters were looking for on Internet about their future President? 

If you look at Google trends over the past 12 months and compare how many people were looking for information about ‘Obama’ and ‘Romney’ you can find surprising facts! Throughout the period more and more people were interested in searching for ‘Obama’.

Similarly, Yahoo’s trend analysis data says people were more interested in searching information about ‘Obama’ over ‘Romney’!

Check out this Interesting Infographic from StateTech magazine about social media engagement. Mayoral and gubernatorial race winners for year 2010, 2011 and 2012 had close connection with their leader’s social engagement. The winners had more twitter followers and facebook fans than their opponents!

When President Barak Obama claimed his victory by posting a tweet ‘This happened because of you. Thank you,’ ,it became most popular tweet on the twitter. Moreover, a Facebook photograph posted after his Presidential victory became the most liked photograph on Facebook.

Now, can we say that Internet has became our new voting machine?


  1. Internet has taken over everything! It has brought in lot of awareness among people but also with that some mindlessness to misuse it. We can just hope everyone uses it for good purpose :)

    1. Very true Preeti. Internet is just like Albert Einstein's equation E = MC 2. What made the difference is its application; use it for generating electricity from nuclear power or misuse it by making atom bomb.

      Only time can teach us how to deal with this other side of the coin!