Thursday, December 6, 2012

Remember that ‘LIKE’ button is linked to your profile!

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If you have a Facebook account you must have found at least one of your childhood friend with whom you were not in touch for many years! Thanks to the biggest social networking site on the planet that helped you find and reconnect with old friends.

I would love to share an interesting Infographis about Facebook statistics 2012 with you. According to this India is one of the fastest growing Facebook country! 

Facebook Like button
Facebook Statistics 2012

I thought of writing a post about ‘LIKE’ button of Facebook. 

Facebook collects much more information about all of us. A single click on Facebook ‘LIKE’ button can trigger many real life consequences. Here is a list of five things that one should know about ‘LIKE’ button.

  •      How ‘LIKE’ button is used by brands and products !

Do you know...

When you click on LIKE button on any Facebook page it will be reflected on your friend’s news feed. Thus, your friends will know that you like a particular page.

Mostly, people do this just to show what brand of shoes, cloths or even soaps they have recently purchased and liked.


True meaning of clicking a LIKE button on any Facebook page goes like this...

‘You are willing read and stay updated with everything that is posted on that page. Facebook Page could be about a brand, a product, a business or an interest! Thus, all those who have liked a facebook page of any particular brand end up seeing their own news feed with all the promotional updates from those brands.’

Infect, most of the times we see advertises in the right panel along with a list of our friends who have already liked a page. Thus, encouraging you to consider and like the page!

  •    LIKE’ button collects your information

There exist many Facebook pages about awareness on specific diseases or treatments. Be mindful before liking them because unknowingly you are providing data that insurance companies may use against you!

  •  ‘LIKE’ button can put you in embarrassing situations

Many a times clicking on ‘LIKE’ button can create embarrassing situations especially for those condolence messages, RIP status updates or earthquake news updates.

  • ‘LIKE’ button can catch lies!

 Don’t be surprised to discover...One of your friend who you knew as a pure vegetarian has liked a Facebook page about Chicken recipes! Or one of your relative you knew doesn't drink has liked a brand page of a best selling alcohol!

 ‘LIKE’ button can really help you find like minded people

From your profile page try to access your own ‘likes’. Facebook can help you find who else from your friend list share your interest. When I liked a page on ‘Alchemist  by Paulo Coelho’ I was thrilled to know that few of my cousins also liked it!

Facebook has become a place where  you can have your boss, clients, relatives, childhood friends, neighbours and ex-colleagues around. Someone’s good laugh can become an insult for the other one. So, be mindful before clicking that ‘LIKE’ button.

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