Tuesday, June 19, 2012

SEO keyword tutorial using free tools

Keywords are most important words that are suppose to bring in visitors to your website or blog. Websites need to bring in visitors from search engine that are looking for specific product or services that they offer.
 There are thousands of web pages offering exactly similar product or service, in other words competitive web pages. Your SEO strategy for finding most suitable keywords along with other parameters will determine where your webpage stands in this worldwide competition!

Combining multiple free SEO tools like Google search insights and Adwords keyword research tool can bring you highly effective results.

Let me walk you through this SEO keyword tutorial to use them for your benefit.

Primary criteria for finding correct keyword is:

è  Keyword must be highly searched
è Keyword must have beatable competition level

Google search insights is a wonderful tool to find search volume for any specific keyword. It is also a great tool for finding rising search terms related to your keyword. Search volume tells you how many searches are done for a specific keyword as compared to other terms searched on Google. 

Now,  you need to narrow down your criteria for finding keywords to target specific product or service. You can narrow down geographic area for finding local search volume of specific keyword. You can even narrow down your search for specific date range.

Google search insights gives you comprehensive data about top search terms related to your keywordcas well as rising search terms related to your keyword! It also shows growth change in percentage.

Moreover, when you find “Breakout instead of percentage that means this particular search term has more than 5000% growth!

 So, using this technique make a list of keywords related to product or service you are offering. This is how we have found highly searched keywords!

Now, let’s check our keywords for its competition level against other similar web pages.
Google Adwords Keyword tool can help you in mining right keywords as well as expand your current keyword list.

Type in a few keywords from your list and hit the search button. For each search term you will get its competition level , Global Monthly searches & local monthly searches.

Look for keywords with low or medium Competition level. 

Note : Considering Approximate CPC parameter can help blogs running AdSense ads to increase their income.

Now, you have filtered your keywords according to competition level shown by AdWords keyword tool.

Finally, we will refine our keywords using tyron shum’s forumula for finding keyword difficulty level.
Having keyword in page title is very important for on-page SEO. So, finding number of pages already having the same keyword in page title will let you know real competition level.

To find number of pages having your selected keyword in page title use Google’s command line Allintitle as follows for each keyword and make a spreadsheet.

Now, off-page optimization level of web page can be determined based on another Google’s command line Allinanchor. Result shows number web pages that have your selected keyword as an anchor text of their back links.

Web pages having keyword in page title as well as anchored text as a back link are far strong competitors. Using a formula shown below, find keyword difficulty level for each keyword.

Keyword difficulty = ( (#allintitle + #allinanchor)+([#diffrence]*2))/1000
If your keyword difficulty is below 10, that means you have hit the correct keyword. Higher the keyword difficulty level you will need to work hard to rank on search engines.

Finding correct keywords for SEO is most crucial that is why it is called gold mining! There are no short cuts in finding keywords. Let me know if this piece of information was useful to you.

I truly appreciable your interest in reading this article and looking for your comments.

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  1. Is there a tool that automate Allintitle scraping for a bunch of keyword ?