Thursday, July 12, 2012

My first Smartphone took me to the world of Android!

Last week I bought my first smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus & joined the army of smartphone owners accounting for India’s 9% mobile population.

I didn’t knew neither cared much about Smartphone. My previous mobile phone had a proper keyboard to key in text messages where as Smartphones just have one key! I was happy with my Dell Inspiron to get all my work done!

Now, I have a tiny device that can get most of my work done without even switching on my laptop.

What made me proud owner of this android run smartphone was its configuration. This tiny device has 1GHz processor! 5MP  camera with LED flash! 3 GB internal memory!

Holding a Smartphone in my palm and browsing through icons took me way back in 1996 when I had used Windows 3.11 for the first time! Times of using Windows 95, Windows 98 & Windows NT!

Times when I used to wait for next release of PC World Magazine which used to come with free CD loaded with lots of trial versions of newly released software , screen savers and other goodies. Those where proud moments of using speech recognition software for the first time in 1998!

Home screen of my Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus has Google Search with speech recognition. 

All I need to do is just tap on the microphone, say a search term & voila! 

In a moment Google search result with thousands of pages are available on your Smartphone! Isn’t it amazing?

Google Mobile apps like Maps, Gmail, Youtube and Google + are pre installed. Meaning I can check my mails without switching on my laptop, Checkout my Google plus stream updates on the go.

Even post new updates & +1 content that I like!

My first visit to Android Market, now called Google play was amazing! So many applications for almost every task! I am so excited about installing new applications & experimenting with them.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Stay tuned with me as I start my journey to explore more & more Android applications. Do not forget to let me know your favorite apps too!

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