Saturday, August 4, 2012

10 Best android apps I have found so far.

A Smartphone can really help you become smart!You can trun it into walkmeter, heart rate monitor or a scanner! Here a list 10 best android apps I have found so far. 

Google sky map :  My kids have keen interest in astronomy. Google sky map is a wonderful app that allows us to browse the sky and locate current position of planets , stars and constellations.

Being able to view current position of Mars and Saturn along along the horizon is breathtaking!  

Showing my kids RA/Dec  grid time by time is real fun! They love to locate planets early morning and late night to feel the spinning of earth!

Though my kids are small, they love to search their favorite constellations Pegasus, Ursa Major and Scorpius. Making them learn so much at such an early stage of life was just not possible without this app!

Cardio Trainer My favorite app that keeps me motivated for my evening walk! It counts every step that I take for enjoying better health! It even tell you the speed you are running at! It tracks number of calories burned during variety of workouts like pilates, aerobics, badminton and many more!

Instant heart rate: It may sound childish but, true that after every session of power yoga I do check my heart rate to know my workout intensity!

My favorite reading hub to hook throughout the day where you can get news articles directly from sites like Hindustan Times and  IBN live, business articles from Entrepreneur and Techdirt , Science and Technology articles from  PCWorld , CNET and TechCrunch , lifestyle articles from  Women’s Health, Lifehacker and yoga journal.

 Hold on!

These are just my favorites you can subscribe to many other interests in various categories from sports to politics!

Google reader : This wonderful app helps me stay tuned to my favorite blogs that I have subscribed to! I can read their latest post directly from my Smartphone! Hurre!

TOI:  My favorite newspaper’s digital copy along with local news from more than 30 cities of India. This is my very first app that I use with my morning cup of tea!

Indian Train Locator: Ours is train friendly family ! Every week one of our family members is travelling by train. This app helps a lot to find arrival / departure time as well as its running status!

Whatsapp: Must have app to share pics and videos with family and friends!

Yahoo Answers Launcher: Fun app that gives lot of satisfaction by helping people solve their problems!

Camscanner : Converts any documents into .pdf files like ID cards, news paper article. This app comes handy when I want to share recipes from my recipe book with my friends!

I am still missing a long list of my favourite games like Temple Run and Drop! Music and video players, FB, Twitter extensions and much more...

Dynamic android market is coming up with hundreds of new apps everyday!

Every popular websites need a makeover as an app interface. So, let’s wait and watch for much more exciting apps!

Please do let me know your favorite apps too. I would love to explore more in android market!

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