Friday, July 27, 2012

How to set up wifi for Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

Very first thing that I did after purchasing my Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus was to set up Wi-Fi and access Internet! I have capture screenshots of each step to share it with you.

At home I have setup Wi-Fi access point that allows me to access Internet on my laptop without any messy wires!

I have chosen unlimited broadband plan to enjoy internet without worrying about data usage. So, why not set up Wi-Fi for Smartphone too!

Step by step configuration shown here is for Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. However, once you understand basics of Wi-Fi set up, you can easily configure other Smartphone too.

First of all you need to turn on Wi-Fi for your Smartphone. 

Step-1 Tap on the bottom left Menu button. Screen as shown in the Figure 1.1 will appear.
Figure 1.1

Step-2 Tap on the Settings option. Options as shown in the Figure 1.2 will appear on your Samsung Galaxy mobile.

Figure 1.2

Step-3  Tap on the Wireless and network option, Options as shown in Figure 1.3 will appear.
Figure 1.3

Step-4 Tap on Wi-Fi settings. Wi-Fi Settings options as shown in the Figure 1.4 will appear. 

Figure 1.4

Step-5 Tap on the Wi-Fi check box to turn it on. Your screen will quickly flash a message “Turning on wi-fi...” as soon as your check box will get selected.

Step-6 It will take a few seconds to search for nearby Wi-Fi networks. Soon you will be able to see a list of available Wi-Fi networks.

In my case my home Wi-Fi network’s SSID( name of my wi-fi network) is ‘Omshanti’ at present. However, I keep changing it periodically! 

Figure 1.5

Step-7 Tap on Wi-Fi network you want to get connected to. You are done with your Wi-Fi configuration if you are connecting to an open Wi-Fi network.

In my case ‘Omshanti’ is Secured Wi-Fi network.

When you try to connect to a Secured Wi-Fi network it will as for Network Security Key(usually a 13 digit number). Once you enter it you are connected to your Wi-Fi access point!

You can even check signal strength from the top bar of your Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus as shown in the Figure 1.5.

Let me know if this little piece of information of some use to you! I would love to hear from you!

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