Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Searching the Internet for trustworthy information


From last few days I was thinking of writing something useful for few of my friends who loves Googling and searching internet.

I am actually very happy to see their reaction when they open Google in their web browser, key in a term and confidently press the search button. Choosing one website from a long list of websites from the result page is even more exciting for them! 

What next?

They just start reading the webpage religiously.

Google can flood our laptop screen with information on any topic. Now, let me ask you one thing; Have you ever thought that you might not be the first one looking for information on the topic? What you are searching on Google may have been searched many more times before.

How about finding webpages that many more people have already searched, found, read and liked? Those are the webpages actually worth reading.

So, how do you know what is most trustworthy information the Internet on any topic?

The answer is through social bookmarking cloud.

With cloud bookmarking services like or you can filter the best webpages on any topic of your choice.

Cloud bookmarks are nothing but a list of your favourite webpages that you can access from any ware and any time. Saving your bookmarks in a cloud means it is saved on a remote computer or server giving you freedom to access it either from your home computer or from office computer.

For example, I am a big fan of crocheting. Whenever I find any interesting crochet pattern I bookmark it using I also group them based on tags so later I can access them easily. I don’t even have to remember whether it was for kids or it was for home decoration; I just tag them with the term! 

Here is a screenshot of my diigo library with some of my favourite tags.

Interestingly, on these cloud bookmarking sites you can find many social groups based on your interest. You can bookmark webpages that you came across while surfing the internet and bookmark them as well as share it with specific social group. Every member in the group can share bookmarks and add it to the group’s pool.

Other members of the group can usually vote for new bookmarks just like facebook likes! Thus, filtering the best ones with more votes! 

So, searching through this pool of social bookmark can give you thorough insight of how many people have liked or voted a particular webpage! Here is an example, if you search a term ‘kids’ in you will get a list of webpages tagged with the term ‘kids’.

Another example, In my diigo library I follow home and garden group where I share whatever I find interesting related to home and garden as well as check out what other have found they feel is worth sharing on the topic. To stay updated I subscribe through rss button on the right most corner of the group page. 

Similarly has hundreds of subreddits on variety of topics. You can visit subreddits of your interest and look for webpages that are up voted the most.

Some of my favourite bookmarking sites are diigo, delicious, xmaks, Google bookmarks and yahoo bookmarks. All you need is an account with respective website and a browser extension to quickly bookmark your interests. If you have not yet installed that browser extension just grab one! 

Download and install Google Chrome extensions or Mozilla Firefox add-ons for bookmarking and start building your own bookmark cloud!

So, next time when you Google something do not forget to check the social bookmarking cloud of your choice!

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