Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tips for Searching images on Internet

Many a times we need images or photographs for variety of purpose.

You may need it to share a funny message on Facebook with your friends in a creative way or just want to make a personalized greeting card with a nice image. 

Many a times clipart is not enough to convey a message in a presentation so you need to search more suitable image!

What ever the purpose may be however, our goal is to find best image that suits our requirement. So let’s explore some tips on searching Images on internet.

Google Image Search is a very powerful tool that allows you to filter your search in a variety of ways using advance search!

For example while searching for a recipe, key in your word in Google image search for more visual results. Here is my result page on Google Image Search for carrot recipes.
Searching Images in Google
Add caption
Google Image Search can help you in a detailed project research where you need to search for documents. For example it can readily give you an insight on ancient documents. 

Tips for Google Image Search

You can even narrow down your search result by selecting region from advance search. 

If you want to make a greeting card for your friend who loves purple color and you need to find pictures of flowers with shades of purple color only. Here is what Google Image Search can do for you! 

Key-in flower in Google Image Search and choose Advance Search from Settings.

Now, From option Colors in the image choose radio button this color to specify your color choice.
Search images with specific color
Result page will surely offer plenty options for you to choose. Now, Choice is yours to narrow down it by choosing specific flower names like rose or lily!

For example, you need inspiration for drawing a picture of flower ! Try using option Line drawing from type of image under Advance Image Search

Image Search by its type line drawing

You will surely be amazed with result page about what others have shared with you!

Line drawing image search tips

Similarly if you want funny dog picture to share a message on facebook or need a clipart for one of your presentation! Try searching for clipart in Advance Image Search.

filter image search for clipart only

Though you can enjoy most images on Internet look for its copyright.

Searching Images that you want to share or use commercially becomes easy with filters for creative commons in Google Image Search.
Creative commons image Search

Flickr image search is another favorite tool for finding images ! It lets you search for illustration or art on any given subject! Give it a try and you will surely enjoy it!

Here is what you can do with Flickr image search!

I don’t want to see just photographs of lion rather I want to look for illustration or art work shared by other for subject ‘lion’

Result page with variety of art work and illustrations on subject ‘lion’ is listed.

Apart from using Google and Flickr there are many more ways to find interesting images using flickriver, deviantart , imgur  and many free stock image sites.

Let me know your ways of finding interesting images too!

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