Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Disable Java to protect your computer

Few of my friends are very active in Google+. They are always fond of browsing trending topics on Google plus. On 10th of January #java was a trending on Google plus. Slowly it was flooded with messages regarding java 0 day exploit!

A Google plus post from thenextweb.com addressed the only solution suggested by The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) was to disable java to save your computer from possible threats.

Java is one of the most popular programming language that enables programmers to write applications that may run on any device. Billions of mobile phones and desktops run java. Java powers our set top boxes, web cams, blue-ray players, games and many more systems. A message to disable such highly used and powerful tool came as a BIG shock!

You might be thinking that “How this message can affect you?

Java is also used with internet browsers that we use every day! Java 7 update has vulnerabilities that may allow any hacker to install and run arbitrary code on your computer without your permission. Such malicious code may steal your passwords, financial information etc. All these can be done simply when you are browsing internet and visiting websites!

Actually you don’t need java all the time when browsing internet!

So, let’s see how to disable java from your Google Chrome browser. From top right corner of your Google Chrome select Settings.
disable java for Google Chrome
Figure 1.1

A screen as shown in the Figure 1.2 will be displayed. Scroll down and click on Show advanced settings.
disable java for Google Chrome
Figure 1.2

From Privacy settings choose Content settings shown in the figure 1.3
disable java for Google Chrome
Figure 1.3

Further, from Content settings -> Plug-ins -> Click on Disable individual plug-ins
disable java for Google Chrome
Figure 1.4

Finally, locate java plug-in details for your browser by scrolling down and click on Disable.

disable java for Google Chrome
Figure 1.5

Alternately you can also disable java from all your browsers using Control Panel option.
Select Control Panel -> Java

disable java from Control Panel
Figure 1.6

From Java Control Panel -> Go to Advanced tab -> Java Plug-in and uncheck
Enable the next-generation Java Plug-in.

Figure 1.7

This will disable java irrespective of browser you use to .
Though Oracle Corp. has released a fix on Monday, 14th Jan 2013 however; according to US Homeland Security update is not enough toprotect computers.Till the time Oracle corp. Fix Java security it is surely wise to disable java to protect your computer.

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