Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My venture into crocheting scarves

Finally I am back to blogging with finished scarf that I had mentioned in previous post on finger less gloves .

I found this beautiful pattern on lionbrand.com. Before starting any pattern I like to check reviews and ratings of other crochet buddies. One of them on lion brand’s site mentioned that she had doubled the total number of stitches mentioned in the actual pattern to increase the length of the scarf. I did the same and doubled the length. 

I had to look at the pattern every time for first few rows only. Rest of the scarf was easy to follow. Give it a try if you love to crochet!
Free pattern for crocheted scarf

While browsing patterns I came across a name ‘Infinity Scarf’. I had never heard of anything like that! Infinity word makes me think of scientific formula and I couldn’t quickly co-relate it with crocheting. 

Here is the co-relation between the two...a scarf without ends...

As of today an infinity scarf has become my favorite crocheted accessory. I made this using tutorial here. I love to wear it as a cowl as well as long scarf!  

I had some hard times taking photographs without a mannequin.

My infinity scarf is stretchable enough to use it as a head wrap too!

Let me know your thoughts on this! Happy Crocheting! 


  1. Wowww.. beautiful scarves.. I love the Infinity one mainly coz of the color.. but the pattern of the cream scarf is too good.. i would love to try that pattern in the Infinity scarf's color. :)

  2. Thank you so much! Me too loved the color of infinity scarf. I am about to finish another neck warmer/ cowl using the same yarn! :)