Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Semantic web and future of Social Networking

Hello everyone!

I am back to blogging! I was little busy doing some very interesting projects these days.

Today, I would like to share some of my recently learned facts and future possibilities of online social networking!

Do you know that according to ComScore reports social networking sites now reach 82% of world’s internet population in general? Today’s popular online networking sites have changed the way we live our life. However; most of us are juggling with managing our accounts on Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Google Plus and Facebook!

Few years back I was very active on Orkut then it was time for Facebook! These days my favorite is Google Plus! Switching between networking sites and managing friend list for each of them is quite difficult! Moreover, when I share my pictures on one social networking site I cannot share them with friends on other social networks! Neither it is possible to request friends to join my favorite social network just because I am there!

While doing one of my recent projects I learned about Decentralized Social Networking.

Let me explain what is Decentralized Social Networking.

·  In decentralized social networking users choose a server or a node he/she trust to share his own data! As a user of decentralized social network you own your photos, music, videos and documents. You need not to worry about ownership of your own content! Recent example is when Instagram had changed their Terms of use and claimed that they can resell user images to any advertising company!

  •    Most features provided by popular social networking sites are also offered by these decentralized networking platforms.
  •    Users can import and aggregate their contacts from various social networking sites and control what information is viewed by whom!
  •    Use of semantic web technologies allows interoperability between varieties of social networks. Thus, you can have best of each social network!

  •     Decentralized social networking platforms  like Friendica, Status.net or Diaspora can help you become the master of your own content.

There is no need to log in separately to each social networking site you are part of just to view updates from friends!

In one of my previous post I had shared some thoughts on how a FacebookLIKE button clicks can collect information on variety of topics, brands, communities, deceases etc. that can either be USED or MISUSED! Large scale centralization of private data in hands of one single company is simply not beneficial for the future of social networking!

Awareness is the key! Do not give away your data without even reading EULA (End User Licence Agreement). Your photos, videos , documents can be misused.

Let me know your thoughts! 

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